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Combs Gottlieb & MacQueen, P.C. sets itself apart from other Arizona law firms by promoting an atmosphere of knowledge and experience through professionalism and team work. We achieve excellent results for our clients in a wide array of real estate legal areas of practice. These areas of practice include general real estate law, business law, litigation, arbitration and mediation, as well as estate planning and probate.

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Recent Articles

Relocation Company's Failure to Disclose

 Question: Under the relocation program of the seller's employer, the relocation company purchased the home in North Scottsdale when the seller was being transferred to [more]

Pre-payment Penalty to Refinance

 Question: We refinanced the original loan on our Prescott home to get some extra cash. The documents we signed for the original loan required a [more]

Sellers Need not Disclose Past Deaths, Crimes

  Question: In the Seller's Property Disclosure Statement we disclosed that my mother died of a stroke in the living room of our Wickenburg home.  [more]

Bad Credit Shouldn't Cause Title Insurance Delays

  Question:  We have lived in Arizona for more than six years and have a good FICO score. There is another individual with my name (even [more]

Open House Rules for Condominiums in Arizona

  Signs: Under Arizona law, an HOA connot prohibit or regulate temporary open house signs.  The only requirements are that the temporary open house signs [more]