30th Anniversary of the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (“AAR”) Legal Hotline!

The AAR Legal Hotline (“Hotline”) had its first telephone call from a REALTOR® thirty years ago. The Hotline had been established by an AAR committee with the assistance of our law firm. From 1988 until 2012 our law firm responded to more than 40,000 Hotline calls from AAR members (primarily Designated Brokers) with access to the Hotline.  REALTORS® throughout Arizona then had the opportunity to telephone a real estate lawyer with a question about a real estate legal issue. Within 24 hours the REALTOR® would then be sent a written answer.

Although there was an initial concern in establishing the AAR Legal Hotline that AAR would be subject to lawsuits, there were never any lawsuits against AAR during that period of time. After the success of the Hotline in Arizona, our law firm assisted other states like Colorado and Minnesota in developing their legal Hotline programs.

Happy Anniversary to the Hotline!

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