Contract Contingent on Buyer Qualifying for Financing

stack of cash

Question: My husband and I signed an offer to buy a home in east Mesa, but the seller wants $30,000 earnest money. If we don’t qualify for the mortgage, will we lose our $30,000 earnest money? Answer: Probably not. Under the standard AAR purchase contract, the purchase of the home is contingent on the buyer…

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A New House. Some Old Debt. What Takes Priority?

Question: We want to buy a Phoenix home for $800,000 with a $640,000 mortgage loan. During the Covid catastrophe two years ago, however, our art framing business was ruined. The result is that two credit card companies now have judgments against us for more than $50,000. Our mortgage broker told us that we should still…

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Issue With Home Equity After Refinancing First Mortgage

Question: We bought our Glendale home in 2008 with a first mortgage loan of $200,000. At the same time we got a $100,000 Home Equity Line of Credit (“$100,000 HELOC”) from the same mortgage lender. We have never borrowed any money on the $100,000 HELOC. Last year we refinanced the first mortgage loan with a…

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