Disclosure of Registered Sex Offenders is Not Required

Question: We purchased a nice home in a Tempe community. The seller told our real estate agent that the reason the seller was moving to another Tempe home was “to be closer to the 101 freeway.” Two weeks after we closed on our home, we learned at an HOA meeting that a registered sex offender…

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Quit Claim Deeds Do Not Transfer Real Property

Question: My brother and I bought an investment home in San Tan Valley three years ago. Two months ago, my brother gave me a quit claim deed in exchange for $50,000, and my brother moved to Oregon. After reading your recent column on special warranty deeds and general warranty deeds to transfer a home, I…

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‘Contract for Deed’ is Allowed Under Arizona Law


Question: We are buying a 40-acre parcel of land in Apache County for $400,000, with a $40,000 down payment. Instead of a standard purchase contract, however, the seller wants to use what he calls a “contract for deed.” In other words, although we will initially pay the $40,000 down payment, we will not get the…

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