Can A Seller/Buyer Demand A Specific Escrow Company?

Escrow company

Question: We made an offer to purchase a Mesa home with financing by a Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) loan. In our offer we requested the title company that our real estate agent recommended. All of the terms of our offer were accepted by the seller, except that the seller wanted another title company. The seller…

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Tax Probably Owed on Paycheck Protection Program Loan


Question: My husband and I are the owners of a real estate brokerage firm in the East Valley. In June we received a $100,000 loan from our bank under the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) for struggling businesses. We used this $100,000 loan for business expenses, including the salaries of our employees. If we…

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Splitting Couple May Be Splitting Bonus, Too


Question: Last September my wife filed for divorce. Our children are all grown, so we are doing the paperwork ourselves. The divorce should be final next month. I am a real estate broker. Although last year I did not have a particularly good year as a real estate broker, our brokerage firm had an excellent…

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