Lease of Mobile Home Not Canceled by Sale

Question: We moved to Surprise and listed for sale our mobile home, which is on a leased lot in a Wickenburg mobile home park. We would like to find a tenant for our mobile home for a few months until we can find a buyer. But most prospective tenants have said they want at least a one-year lease. If we rent our mobile home for one year, what happens to our tenant if we find a buyer before the one-year lease expires?

Answer: As in any home sale, a buyer must honor an existing lease upon purchasing a mobile home.

Note: If a mobile home park is sold, an owner of a mobile home on a leased lot has the protection of the Arizona mobile home park statutes. For example, if a mobile home park is sold to a buyer who wants to build an apartment building, the owner of the mobile home has at least 180 days notice of a change in use or has the benefits of a mobile home relocation fund (A.R.S. § 33-1476.01).

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