Phoenix Has a Mediation Program For Disputes

  Question:  In a recent column, you discussed the concern of a homeseller about loss of property values because of a neighbor’s mechanical work on cars in his front yard.  Efforts to negotiate with the neighbor had been unsuccessful.  You suggested contacting the the city of Phoenix mediation program.  When we had a dispute with a neighbor about a barking dog, however, Phoenix said they did not have any mediation program.  You are doing a disservice to the readers of your column by saying that the city of Phoenix has a mediation program.

  Answer:  Thank you for your comments.  Although due to budget cuts some cities have terminated their mediation program, Phoenix still has a mediation program for barking-dog and other disputes through the Arizona Summit Law School.  See or call (602) 464-7800.  In addition, even if a city does not have a mediation program, private mediators are available online.  For example, if there is a real-estate issue such as a driveway easement or overhanging tree branches, the Arizona Association of Realtors has a list of experienced mediators with real-estate backgrounds.  See

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