Phoenix Real Estate Lawyers

Experts in Real Estate Law

C&S attorneys are experienced real estate litigators as well as trusted transactional advisors.

From the foreclosure of a home or other real property, to landlord-tenant disputes, C&S attorneys can help by negotiating, developing and reviewing contracts as well as advising individuals and businesses on how to successfully complete their real estate transactions. Whether it’s a form contract from the Arizona Association of Realtors® or a complex commercial contract, C&S attorneys are well versed in transactional real estate matters. This specialized level of experience helps CLG clients save time and money.

C&S attorneys are also experienced litigators who provide investors, buyers, sellers, and other real property owners with an experienced team of advisors and advocates that prioritize client communication, strategic negotiation, and assertive litigation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Absolutely love the service you provided us! We told our referring brokers at Merrill Lynch and the Joffe Group what a great job you did and how pleased we were with your services.