Homeowners Association Law

Our lawyers are familiar with HOA laws and the rules and regulations governing HOAs. We represent both HOAs and homeowners in disputes in planned area communities and condominiums relating to the enforcement of CC&Rs.  We can represent either homeowners or HOAs in the dispute resolution process with the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

Frequently Asked Questions about HOA Law


Enforcement of CC&rs with no HOA

Enforcement of Covenants, Restrictions Without an Association

November 20, 2022

Question: The CC&Rs for our Buckeye community of 38 homes were adopted in 1978. There has never been an HOA…


Condominium Associations Cannot Prohibit ‘For Sale’ Signs

October 23, 2022

Question: In a recent column you cited an Arizona statute that restricts an HOA from prohibiting “For Sale” signs on…


Can Rules Be Amended to Prohibit Short-Term Rentals?

October 2, 2022

Question: Although your Q& A column has said several times in the past few years that a community can amend…


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