Real Estate and Commercial Contracts/Transactions

A contract to buy or sell real property is a binding and enforceable commitment between two or more people that imposes rights and obligations on each of the parties. In our experience, we find that these contracts brought to us by our clients frequently do not have clear language. Poorly-written and vague real estate and commercial contracts can be unenforceable or, in some cases, even illegal. Questions commonly arise over: (a) the proper interpretation of a contract; (b) whether the terms of the contract have been breached; and (c) a non-breaching party's remedies in the event of such a breach.

Not only can we review your contract, we can assist you in drafting a contract that will avoid the common pitfalls that usually end up having to be decided by a judge or jury. Our attorneys can help you enforce contracts or defend against claims that you have breached a contract. Most of our attorneys have a real estate license or have attended numerous real estate classes.

A real estate transaction is the process whereby rights in real property are transferred between two or more parties. The transaction can be complicated due to the type of property rights being transferred, the amount of money being exchanged, and government regulations.

Our attorneys provide current, expert advice on the laws governing mortgages, the nature of mortgage obligations, agreements for sale, and foreclosure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Real Estate Law


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