Brokerage Firm “Owns” the Listing – Not the Agent

Listing Agreement

Question: One of our best friends is a real estate agent who lives in our Queen Creek neighborhood. We signed a six-month listing agreement with this real estate agent. After only two months our real estate agent left her brokerage firm and went to a new brokerage firm. The designated broker of her old brokerage…

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Is Commission Owed if Offers Are Refused?

Question:  We listed our home in Gilbert for $280,000 after our listing broker told us that $280,000 would be a fair price.  Within three days we had seven offers on the home, including two offers for more than $280,000.  We were confused and upset, so we refused all of the offers.  We no longer trust…

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Short-Sale Buyer Has Legal Recourse

Question: Our brokerage firm represents a buyer that is purchasing an industrial building in the Scottsdale Airpark area. This purchase is a short sale that has recently been approved by the bank, and our buyer is completing the due diligence for the purchase of the industrial building. The market has improved since the purchase contract…

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