Developer Has Sold the Community Center

Community Center

Question: We purchased our new home in a Chandler subdivision six years ago. At the time of our purchase we received a brochure from the homebuilder stating that one of the benefits of our purchase was the community center which could be used for recreational and social activities. After all of the homes in the…

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Can I swap Pinetop Land for FH Home?

  Question:  We originally intended to build a home on 5 acres of vacant land we bought in Pinetop several years ago.  We now want to be closer to our elderly parents who live in Fountain Hills, and we are thinking about buying a home in Fountain Hills.  If we trade the Pinetop land for…

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Payment Feud Entraps Owner

  Question:  I recently signed an agreement with a contractor to install new kitchen cabinets in my Chandler home.  Without my knowledge or approval, this contractor subcontracted the work to a local carpenter.  The cabinets were built poorly and were not even the ones I wanted.  I paid my contractor after we settled for 20…

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