Spouse Has Lien on Property for Community Payment

Question: I purchased a home in Payson when I was single with a $20,000 down payment. The deed to the home even says “a single man.” I was married six months later. All of the monthly mortgage payments and repair costs since our marriage have been made from our family checking account. After eight years…

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Splitting Couple May Be Splitting Bonus, Too


Question: Last September my wife filed for divorce. Our children are all grown, so we are doing the paperwork ourselves. The divorce should be final next month. I am a real estate broker. Although last year I did not have a particularly good year as a real estate broker, our brokerage firm had an excellent…

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Decree Wording Helps Ex-wife Get New Home Loan

  Question:  In a recent column you said that an ex-wife would not be able to qualify for a mortgage loan for a new home in Chandler, even though the ex-husband in the divorce decree was awarded the family home and agreed to be 100 percent responsible for the mortgage loan on the family home. …

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