Easement Limited To Reasonable Use


Question: We own a large home adjacent to a county highway in Pinal County. Our neighbor owns a 5-acre lot which is “landlocked” except for an easement over our land to the county highway. Our neighbor has now purchased 20 acres of land adjacent to his 5-acre lot, and wants to build a 40-home subdivision…

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Five-Acre Lot Cannot be Landlocked

Access Road

Question: We own a home on a five-acre lot in Coconino County. A California buyer has just purchased the five-acre lot to the east of us, and plans to build a large home. The California buyer is landlocked, however, and needs access over our property to get to the main road. Do we have to…

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Purchase Should Not Prevent Use of Road

  Question:  My parents live in a community consisting of twelve homes on approximately 30 acres in the Flagstaff area.  The only access from this community to the highway is a gravel road over private land.  This gravel road has been used for over 50 years.  A developer has recently purchased this private land, and…

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