Federal Law Protects Homes For Recovering Addicts

Question: The CC&Rs that govern our Chandler community restrict the homes to a single-family dwelling, and prohibit any “business activity.” A home in our community has recently been remodeled and converted into a halfway-house for six recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. The result has been a loss in property value of neighboring homes, e.g., one…

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Who is responsible for undisclosed HOA debt?

HOA debt not disclosed

Question: After we bought our home in Chandler, we attended the homeowners’ association (“HOA”) annual meeting. At this HOA annual meeting we learned that our HOA was in debt for $62,000.00 for attorney’s fees incurred because of a prior lawsuit with our landscaping company. The result is that a portion of our monthly HOA dues…

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CC&Rs Can Allow An HOA To Approve Potential Tenants

Party House

Question: The problem in our community in Tempe is not short-term rentals, but rentals to ASU college students who turn the home into a modern-day “Animal House.” Can we amend our CC&Rs to prohibit rentals to tenants who are less than 21 years old? If not, can our HOA board of directors interview every potential…

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