Commission Could Be Due for Condemned Property

Question: We have listed our Phoenix warehouse with a local brokerage firm. Since this listing we have been informed by the Arizona Department of Transportation that our warehouse will be condemned for construction of highway improvements, but under condemnation law we are not obligated to pay a commission to our listing broker. To avoid the…

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Can Seller Cancel Listing Agreement?

Question: We signed a listing agreement to sell our Glendale home for $780,000. Our listing agent said that she had listed and sold 16 homes in our subdivision. Although our listing agent said that the listing price of $780,000 was too high, we were in no rush to sell our home in this “booming” market.…

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Brokerage Firm “Owns” the Listing – Not the Agent

Listing Agreement

Question: One of our best friends is a real estate agent who lives in our Queen Creek neighborhood. We signed a six-month listing agreement with this real estate agent. After only two months our real estate agent left her brokerage firm and went to a new brokerage firm. The designated broker of her old brokerage…

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