Five-Acre Lot Cannot be Landlocked

Access Road

Question: We own a home on a five-acre lot in Coconino County. A California buyer has just purchased the five-acre lot to the east of us, and plans to build a large home. The California buyer is landlocked, however, and needs access over our property to get to the main road. Do we have to…

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“Landlocked” Lot Has Right of Access


Question: My parents bought a 5-acre lot near Prescott almost 40 years ago back in the “land fraud” days of the infamous Ned Warren. They have paid property taxes for years. Both parents died in the last year, and my sister and I have just inherited this 5-acre lot. We talked to a real estate…

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Foreclosure May Nullify Easement

  Question: We live in a rural area near Prescott. Several years ago, we paid our neighbor $500 to record a roadway easement to give us access to the county road. Our neighbor’s home is now in foreclosure, and our neighbor has moved to Phoenix. If there is a foreclosure of our neighbor’s property, will we…

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